Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pennant Race

When I was a kid, I collected pennants and hung them on my bedroom wall. Every time I went to a sporting event - usually Sixers and Eagles games - I would buy a new team's pennant.

When I got older, I grew out of this phase, and at one point decided I didn't even need to have these pennants around if I wasn't going to do anything with them. The logical solution? Hand them over to my buddy, Gary, who I knew had plenty of room for them on his bedroom wall.

Now I'm an (almost full grown) adult, and I've started this blog of mine, and I've grown nostalgic of days gone by. So I contacted Gary's little sister, who has taken over his old room (a rite of passage in that family - it's a rather awesomely huge, sort of guest house-like living space) and she was gracious enough to send along some pictures of what's turned into 2 full pies of pennants.

Check it out! I'll tell you which ones are mine after the pics below...

Lakers, Reds (?) and Tigers are Gary's on the first pie. All others are mine: Giants, Bucks, Cardinals, Eagles, NJ Generals, 49ers, Redskins, Vikings, Patriots, Raiders, Flyers, Nets, Expos.

I believe the only one of mine on the second pie is the Celtics. As you can see, this one is overrun with Big Ten teams, for the most part. Shout out to the Midwest!

This might lead to 2 obvious questions - where are the Sixers and Phillies ones? I do recall having a Phillies one, but honestly don't know where it went. And seeing as the Sixers were my favorite team, I had to have had one of those, right? Can't seem to figure this one out.