Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Big East is too Big

So, why not break it up into two equal pieces, like this?...

Georgetown 7-1 Connecticut 5-3
Notre Dame 4-2 Louisville 5-3
Marquette 5-3 Pittsburgh 5-3
Seton Hall 5-3 Cincinnati 5-4
DePaul 4-4 Syracuse 5-4
Providence 3-4 West Virginia 4-4
Villanova 3-5 Rutgers 2-7
St. John's 1-7 South Florida 1-7
Total 32-29 Total 32-35

Looks even, but the Church Division might be a little stronger. Discuss...

Monday, January 28, 2008

"Stat"urday - NHL Standings Grid - Western Conference

Following up on the weekend's first stat post, here is the Western Conference standings grid at the All-Star Break.

Here are TTA's for each Western team - looks like Detroit has troubles with Chicago, while San Jose and Dallas just need to avoid the Detroit juggernaut and they'll be okay.

DET 37-10-4 CHI 36-7-3
CLB 25-20-6 NAS 24-17-5
NAS 25-20-5 ANA 24-17-5
STL 22-19-7 CHI 20-16-7
CHI 23-23-4 CLB 22-20-4
MIN 28-19-3 CAL 27-16-2
CAL 25-17-8 DET 25-14-8
VAN 26-19-5 SJ 26-15-5
COL 26-20-4 MIN 24-17-4
EDM 23-24-5 COL 23-21-4
SJ 27-15-7 DET 27-12-7
DAL 28-20-5 DET 28-18-5
ANA 27-20-6 DAL 26-16-6
PHX 26-21-2 MIN 26-17-2
LA 20-29-2 PHX 20-25-2

Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Stat"urday - NHL Standings Grid - Eastern Conference

One of the features on my blog will be called "Stat"urday, where I'll post a statistic (usually on a Saturday, or at least on the weekend) that I may find interesting or that I simply haven't seen anywhere else. Case in point with the latter - an NHL standings grid. Below is the one for the Eastern Conference at the All-Star Break. It's interesting to see just what teams have each other's number. One that sticks out is Montreal's ownership of Boston. Another is Ottawa's inability to handle the Capitals.

Also, I've taken each team's record and subtracted out their TTA's record ("team to avoid") to come up with an adjusted record that perhaps gives a better representation of the team's true record. Just avoid that one team, and you're golden, right? Philly, Ottawa, and Montreal look to be in good shape if they avoid their TTA's...

PHI 27-16-5 NJ 26-11-5
NJ 28-18-3 NYI 28-14-3
PIT 27-18-4 PHI 27-14-4
NYI 24-20-6 PHI 24-17-6
NYR 24-21-6 NYI 23-18-6
OTT 31-15-4 WAS 31-11-4
MON 26-15-8 OTT 26-12-8
BUF 25-19-5 OTT 24-16-4
BOS 21-21-6 MON 21-15-6
TOR 20-23-8 BOS 19-20-8
CAR 24-24-4 TB 22-21-4
WAS 23-22-5 BUF 23-19-5
ATL 23-25-4 OTT 22-22-4
TB 22-24-5 WAS 20-21-5
FLA 20-25-5 CAR 18-22-5

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sweet NFL Artwork

The above photo is a screen shot from Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. I noticed it during a piece on drinking at NFL games. Gumbel was interviewing the NFL's VP for Security and I'm assuming walking through the NFL offices with him. I noticed the wall in the background - looks like a mozaic-type tapestry of each NFL team's jersey or pants stripe design. Very cool!

Flyers at the All-Star Break

Check this out - at the All-Star Break, the Flyers are 27-16-5 and the Devils are 28-18-3...take away their records against each other, which the Devils have beaten the Flyers 5 out of 6 this year...

Flyers - 26-11-5

Devils - 23-17-3

The Devils have the Flyers' number (obviously). If the Flyers avoid the Devils in the playoffs, it looks like they're in good shape against the rest of the NHL. I'm just sayin'...

Majestic Athletic in pictures...

Silly me forgot to bring a real camera, so my cell phone had to suffice.

The corporate HQ are located in a very small town, and the campus is very modest. The parking lots weren't even all paved, although the visitors' lot was. The main building was very nice, as seen below from the outside and then in the lobby. The lobby was something I hope my basement looks like someday, but it was extremely modest as well. I got a warm feeling from being there. Enjoy the pics...


My sister just started a blog, so I figured I should do the same. There was other inspiration, of course, mainly consisting of my desire to share with the world my views on sports and the different ways I come to enjoy sports as it relates to aesthetics, numbers, and competition.

Oh, yes...the buddy Mitch (hi Mitch!) called me one day and left a message on my answering machine (that machine that used to hook up to our landlines once upon a time!) and started it with "Forbesy Worbesy Pudding Pie...". For lack of a better blog name, I chose this. F.W. Pudding Pie for short, of course. (Update - 1/27/10: I also chose it for its originality and sillyness, and I'm quite happy I did!)

Enjoy - and don't hesitate to tell me what you like, dislike, flat out hate, what makes you nauseous, etc, etc...many thanks!

I've been to the mountain, and it is good...

I took a mini road trip up to Bangor, PA - home of Majestic Athletic. Beautiful scenery up there, with it's rolling hills and farmland with a mountainous backdrop.

My first stop was at the Majestic Athletic HQ, where I stopped in the corporate lobby and spoke to the receptionist. Very sweet lady. She allowed me to take some pictures of the lobby and informed me that the "company store" I had imagined existed was actually a "factory outlet store" located a few miles away from HQ. She gave me quick directions, and although I zoned out halfway through, I managed to follow them perfectly (thanks to the landmarks she mentioned that actually did stick in my head) and arrive at the factory outlet store where I spent about an hour looking around.

Pictures to follow soon!