Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Stat"urday - NHL Standings Grid - Eastern Conference

One of the features on my blog will be called "Stat"urday, where I'll post a statistic (usually on a Saturday, or at least on the weekend) that I may find interesting or that I simply haven't seen anywhere else. Case in point with the latter - an NHL standings grid. Below is the one for the Eastern Conference at the All-Star Break. It's interesting to see just what teams have each other's number. One that sticks out is Montreal's ownership of Boston. Another is Ottawa's inability to handle the Capitals.

Also, I've taken each team's record and subtracted out their TTA's record ("team to avoid") to come up with an adjusted record that perhaps gives a better representation of the team's true record. Just avoid that one team, and you're golden, right? Philly, Ottawa, and Montreal look to be in good shape if they avoid their TTA's...

PHI 27-16-5 NJ 26-11-5
NJ 28-18-3 NYI 28-14-3
PIT 27-18-4 PHI 27-14-4
NYI 24-20-6 PHI 24-17-6
NYR 24-21-6 NYI 23-18-6
OTT 31-15-4 WAS 31-11-4
MON 26-15-8 OTT 26-12-8
BUF 25-19-5 OTT 24-16-4
BOS 21-21-6 MON 21-15-6
TOR 20-23-8 BOS 19-20-8
CAR 24-24-4 TB 22-21-4
WAS 23-22-5 BUF 23-19-5
ATL 23-25-4 OTT 22-22-4
TB 22-24-5 WAS 20-21-5
FLA 20-25-5 CAR 18-22-5

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